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Anord Mardix, a Flex company, promise innovative engineering solutions to all our clients, 

meeting the most technical requirements with ease, no matter what the challenge. 

Critical Power Solutions

Anord Mardix works with clients to build relationships during the design and manufacturing process and maintain these relationships through their bespoke Critical Power Service, unrivalled in the industry and giving customers peace of mind once the product is in use. 



Power Management

About Anord Mardix

Anord Mardix, a Flex company, is a global leader in critical power solutions and brings over 100 years of global engineering excellence to each and every project.


Independently certified by Underwriters Laboratories to UL857, the DATABAR busbar system is the safest and most innovative solution on the market today. 

DATABAR boasts two patented design elements that deliver a unique, compact and safe open channel system, specifically designed for critical rack power distribution. 

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  • Independently certified by UL to UL857 
  • Two busway designs; DX for 160A to 400A and DX-Plus for 600 to 800A systems with 3, 4 or 5 poles in the same footprint 
  • Continuous open channel permits tap-offs to be installed anywhere along the busway (IP2X) 
  • Flexible extension and re-configuration with integral plug-n-play jointing system 
  • A patented design feature within the tap-off unit centers around the actuator mechanism puts safety and efficiency at the forefront of the design and installation process. 
  • IP3X achievable by using the channel cover strip solution 
  • Available in lengths up to 10 ft as standard. 
  • Optional overrated neutrals or 100% integral earth conductor 
  • The busbar trunking system has also been independently tested for resistance to Arc Flash in accordance with IEC / BS EN 61641 and seismically tested to IEEE 344-2103. 
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  • The compact design of the DATABAR busway is ideal in situations where low ceiling height and IT / fiber conduits compete for space. 
  • Safety in simplicity and scalability – there are only two DATABAR sizes: 160A-400A and 600A-800A which accommodate the same range of tap-offs. The same low-profile housing can utilize both 4 and 5 pole systems while maintaining the smallest footprint 
  • The open channel modular busway construction allows the tap-off units to be placed at any location along the busway. Tap-off designs are available to install over the joint if necessary and the whole design is aimed at flexibility and simplicity. 
  • Easy installation, extension and development means that an investment in DATABAR today will still be giving you a return in years to come. 
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System ampacity A 160 250 400 600 800
Operating voltage V Up to 600V
Frequency Hz 50/60 Hz
Degree of protection Finger Safe (IP2X)
Casing material Aluminium
Conductor material Copper
Conductor finish Plain (Plated Opt.) Plated
Short Circuit Current Rating (unprotected) 42kAIC up to 208VAC* 50kAIC up to 600VAC**
35kAIC up to 600VAC 35kAIC up to 600VAC

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