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Data Center Electrical Solutions

Our solutions are designed to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of your data center’s power infrastructure.

With our cutting-edge products and expertise, we are committed to delivering top-notch electrical solutions for your data center. 

ByteBridge Solutions

(Remote Power Distribution Unit)

ByteBridge's RPDU solutions provide centralized control and monitoring of power distribution across multiple racks within your data center. This enables streamlined management and enhanced power utilization efficiency.  Features include outlet-level monitoring, metering, and power cycling capabilities, ensuring maximum uptime and optimized power usage. 

(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Our UPS solutions provide reliable backup power to safeguard your critical data center equipment during power outages or fluctuations. With various capacities and configurations available, we can tailor the UPS solution to meet your specific requirements.  Features include high efficiency, advanced battery management, scalability, and seamless integration with monitoring systems. 


ByteBridge's Busway solutions offer a flexible and efficient way to distribute power within your data center. With customizable configurations and high power carrying capacity, our Busway systems provide a reliable and adaptable solution to meet your evolving power distribution needs. 

(Remote Power Panel)

Our RPP solutions provide a centralized power distribution point for data center racks. With flexible configurations, intelligent monitoring capabilities, and modular design, our RPPs ensure optimal power delivery and simplified maintenance. 


ByteBridge offers reliable generator solutions to provide backup power during extended outages or maintenance periods. Our generators are designed for seamless integration with your data center's power infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operations. 

Why ByteBridge


With years of experience in the industry, ByteBridge has a deep understanding of data center electrical solutions and the challenges they address.

Quality Products

We offer top-quality products that are designed to meet the highest industry standards, providing you with reliable and efficient solutions.


Our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most suitable electrical infrastructure for your data center.

Managed Deployment

ByteBridge provides comprehensive project management services, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of your data center electrical solution.


We are committed to providing exceptional customer support throughout the entire lifecycle of your electrical solution, from design and implementation to maintenance and upgrades.