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Make meaningful connections with meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more in one offering. 

About Zoom

One Platform to Connect

Zoom is an all-in-one intelligent collaboration platform that makes connecting easier, more immersive, and more dynamic for businesses and individuals. Zoom technology puts people at the center, enabling meaningful connections, facilitating modern collaboration, and driving human innovation through solutions like team chat, phone, meetings, omnichannel cloud contact center, smart recordings, whiteboard, and more, in one offering.  

Zoom One

Everything you need to work together, all in one place.

Zoom Rooms

Conference rooms that make it easy to run or join video meetings
with a tap of a button.

Zoom One

Everything you need to work together, all in one place. 

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Virtual Meetings

Zoom Meetings brings teams together with face-to-face video interactions, screen sharing, chat, captioning, and more. Its smart and inclusive video conferencing features give you the confidence to look and sound your best and make everyone feel included. 

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Team Chat

Zoom Team Chat is where conversations and collaboration happen outside of virtual meetings and phone calls. Send direct or group messages, keep teams informed and projects moving with file sharing and video messages, and have some fun with co-workers with emojis and gifs. 

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VoIP Phone System

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes. It’s simple to deploy and use on a mobile device, desktop, or desk phone. It pairs traditional PBX features with intelligent call routing, IVRs, call recording, shared lines, and more to give you a robust VoIP phone system. 

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Online Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard provides a collaboration platform for teams to brainstorm, plan, and learn. Its persistent, virtual whiteboard interface makes it easy for teams to ideate from anywhere before, during, and after meetings with sticky notes, drawing tools, comments, and more. 

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Email and Schedular

Bring all your important communications and scheduling together in one place. Whether you’re using Microsoft 365, Google, or Zoom Mail and Calendar Service, you’ll have all your business communication tools front and center. 

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Zoom Webinars and Zoom Sessions

Built on Zoom’s secure and reliable video platform, Zoom Webinars allows you to effectively broadcast your message to a large audience with an interactive, simple and easy to use interface. If you’re looking to level-up your events, use Zoom Sessions to add advanced branding and production capabilities, a built-in marketing and registration page along with robust analytics that allow you to measure and improve the success of your events. 

Zoom Rooms

Conference rooms that make it easy to run or join video meetings with a tap of a button. 

Intelligent Director

Workspace Reservation

Kiosk Mode Virtual Receptionist

Control Zoom Rooms from your mobile device or laptop

Scheduling Display with People Counting

Enhanced Voice commands for Zoom Rooms

Digital Signage

HD Video and Audio

Flawless, high-definition video across desktop, mobile, and room systems

One touch to join

Quickly join scheduled meetings with one touch on a wide range of hardware from leading vendors

Wireless sharing

Share content from your laptop or mobile device easily with just one touch


Support for standards based SIP/H.323 hardware endpoints

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Certified reseller for Zoom  

Global support and IOR services 

Dedicated Project management for projects in different scales  

In-house engineering team with the ability to specify and tailor depending on needs 

One Platform to Connect