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Redefine Network Deployment & Management

ZPE Systems solves the increasing demands for availability, security, and scalability at data centers and branch locations with Gen 3 Out-of-Band Serial Consoles, Infrastructure Automation, and our Services Delivery Platform. 

Remote Network Management

Provide support from anywhere with remote out-of-band management. Control monitoring & reporting, network functions, & device power.

Streamline Deployments

Deploy and scale automatically using zero touch provisioning, & modernize your legacy environment with granular SD-Branch capabilities.

Minimize Impact of Disruptions

Actionable data helps you fortify your datacenter operations, while redundant failover connectivity keeps you online through any outage.

Simplify Branch Infrastructure

Save on CAPEX & OPEX with application hosting & network function virtualization. Our vendor-neutral management tool gives you full branch control.

Increase Productivity with Automation

Cut busywork using automation & scripting tools. Tighten up integrations with Docker & Kubernetes containers, & make life easy for NetOps & DevOps.

Improve Network Security

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) delivers secure access at every edge. Stay protected with control of SD-WAN, firewalls, user management, & more.

ZPE Systems

From gaining secure remote access to faraway sites, to having the freedom to customize the entire automation pipeline, ZPE has helped 6 of 10 top global tech giants and many large enterprises boost uptime through better infrastructure management, with a vision to enable reliable and secure critical IT for enterprises across the globe. 

ZPE Products

Nodegrid Serial Console – S Series™

Whether you’re using legacy or Cisco-like pin-out devices, the S Series seamlessly blends in and keeps you connected to your solutions. Take advantage of auto-sensing ports, USB connectivity, and software development kit that give you custom control of any environment. 

Nodegrid Serial Console Plus

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) helps scale your datacenter and critical remote infrastructure, without management obstacles or downtime. 

Connect 16, 32, 48 or 96 (Patent No. 9,905,980) serial devices and quickly scale to millions of nodes. Dual SFP+ and dual Ethernet ports keep data free from slowdowns, while the multi-core Intel CPU delivers blazing responsiveness. Built-in 5G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi options give you reliable cellular failover and secure out-of-band access, so you can keep it all online all the time.  

Nodegrid Net Services Router

No matter what challenges you’re facing at your data center and branch locations, the Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR) gives you complete control of your network. 

It’s the only modular solution that adjusts to your business’ needs, so your network can become a powerful value creator. 

Nodegrid Bold SR

Whether you’re in telecom, retail, or oil & gas, deploy the Bold SR for the functionality & control you need. 

This lightweight box allows you to connect more than a dozen devices & add-ons, so you can deliver robust capabilities throughout your enterprise. The Bold SR puts you in charge with remote out-of-band management, Secure Access Service Edge, and SD-Branch capabilities. 

Nodegrid Link SR

The Nodegrid Link SR brings flexibility to your network operations. Its powerful components deliver customizable networking wherever you need it, while its compact design can be tucked away to save crucial space. Link server rooms, closets, and branch locations to the internet, and get critical services to keep your network running. 

Nodegrid Gate SR

If you need more capabilities at your NOC, or less mess at your branch offices, the Gate SR is the all-in-one solution you need. At your data center or remote locations, this workhorse connects you to dozens of physical assets while helping virtualize more of your network. Deploy fast, save time, and cut CAPEX & OPEX with the appliance that streamlines network management. 

Nodegrid Hive SR​

Traditional branch gateways leave you cobbling together many solutions. But the Nodegrid Hive SR is your 5-in-1 branch gateway that makes edge networking simple and flexible. Gain turnkey convenience on first boot, with open architecture and next-gen out-of-band that let you fully customize and control everything at the edge.  

ZPE Certification

User security certification

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ZPE Customers

ByteBridge Difference

As the Gold Partner of ZPE Systems, ByteBridge provides customers with a series of ZPE NodeGrid products

to assist you in remote deployment, monitoring and management of physical devices and virtual devices. 

Global Distribution, Deployment, and IOR Services

Certified Team Experienced in Design and Implementation

Pre & Post Sales Support

Improve uptime and cut workloads with ZPE Systems Gen 3 Out-of-Band Solutions!

ZPE Systems, in collaboration with ByteBridge, is now offering a special trade-in/ trade-up value of up to $500/ unit for every new 16-32-48-96 port unit purchased.