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About DTEN

DTEN is changing the way people connect and collaborate through immersive, video-first devices and subscription services. Our solutions are found in businesses, schools, homes, and hybrid environments worldwide, delivering intuitive, high-quality, and real-life video conference experiences for every meeting space. As recipient of multiple international awards, DTEN is recognized for plug-and-play simplicity, superior audiovisual clarity, and fluent, elegant designs. 


The ultimate all-in-one solution for the future of video collaboration. 

Certified for

  • Connectivity Simplified : Never need to bring your laptop power cord to the meeting again. Connect via a single USB-C 65w charging cable for power and BYOD. Wired and WiFi 6 connectivity available. 
  • Extend Communication & Collaboration with Ease : Instantly expand your viewing real estate by adding an additional screen for dedicated presentation and collaboration space. 
  • Powerful Performance : Windows and Android Editions pack a powerful punch with upgraded CPUs and GPUs for clearer video, crisper sound and more natural touch collaboration. System ready for future feature enhancements. 
  • Worry-Free IT Support Services : With DTEN Orbit Services, manage your devices with tools like: centralized administration, remote device and user management, device status and health monitoring. 


  • Windows IoT 
  • Android OS 
  • Multi-Touch Display 
  • 4K Camera 
  • 15-Microphone Array 
  • Integrated Speakers 
  • Ultra HD 4K LED 55”/75″ 16:9 
  • Capacitive Touch Screen Display 
  • 20 Touchpoints /Low latency- 50 ms response time 
  • 4K / Fixed Lens, Infinite Focus 
  • D7X 55″: Field of View (FOV) 120° / Vertical FOV 88° 
  • D7X 75″: Field of View (FOV) 90° / Vertical FOV 88° 
  • PTZ and preset support 
  • Zoom Rooms Auto framing 
  • Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery 
  • DTEN Smart Framing 

DTEN D7 55"

Our flagship DTEN D7 55’’ has helped define all-in-one video collaboration. 

Certified for

  • Lifelike Smart Camera: Smart, 4K HD, wide-angle video conferencing camera provides the optimal view and eliminates visual distractions. Smart Gallery in Zoom Rooms keeps remote workers engaged. 
  • Designed for Zoom: DTEN D7 55" combines award-winning hardware with Zoom's best-in-class video conferencing software. Our product teams work together to customize the best experience. 
  • Intuitive Design: With one-touch start and user-friendly video conferencing tools like ultra-responsive touch screens, the DTEN D7 55’’ is easy for anyone in your business to use. 
  • Crystal Clear Audio: With a 16 microphone array and state-of-the-art software, Audio AI makes it possible to hear participants with lifelike clarity while sound suppression filters out background noise. 
  • Smart Multi-Touch Screen: DTEN D7 55’’ touch screen displays have 10-point capacitive touch, making collaboration with colleagues just a tap away, making running a meeting a great experience. 


  • Windows IoT 
  • Multi-Touch Display 
  • 4K Camera 
  • 16-Microphone Array 
  • Integrated Speakers 
  • Ultra HD 4K LED 55” / 16:9
  • Capacitive Touch Screen Display 
  • 4K / Fixed Lens, Infinite Focus / F-value: 2.8 
  • Diagonal Field of View (FOV): Up to 120 Degrees 


An all-in-one desktop video conferencing solution and collaboration hub. 

Certified for

  • User-Centric Convenience: Tap into the full power of DTEN from a compact device. Smart Connect enables BYOD - just connect your laptop to make it a touch screen or use ME Pro as a second monitor. 
  • HD Multi-Touch Display: ME Pro was built for collaboration, with a 27’’ hyper-responsive touch display that keeps up with the speed of your ideas. Instantly share saved whiteboards with others. 
  • Everyone Has a Front Seat: Smart 3-camera array provides lifelike interaction with attendees. A 160-degree horizontal Field of View means everyone has a seat at the table, no matter where they are. 
  • Clear Sound with Audio AI: 8-microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, acoustic echo cancellation, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and AI-based noise cancellation remove distracting noise. 
  • Installation in Minutes: The lightweight (14.5 lbs) and ultra thin (0.5”) design makes it easy to move and the easy installation will have you up and running in minutes. Just plug it in and it just works! 


  • DTEN OS 
  • Multi-Touch Display 
  • 3-Camera Array 
  • 8-Microphone Array 
  • Integrated Speakers 
  • LED 27” 16:9 
  • 1080p Capacitive Touch Display 
  • 3 Camera array 
  • Horizontal Field of View (HFOV): 160° Combined 


A dedicated Zoom Rooms appliance for a superior Zoom meeting experience. 

Certified for

  • Vibrant Smart Camera: DTEN smart camera technology for life-like 4K, 120 degree wide angle video lets you see and be seen clearly for great face-to-face experience. 
  • Crystal Clear Audio: DTEN’s signature 16-microphone array optimizes and picks up sounds up to 60 feet away and significantly reduces background noise on the fly with Audio AI. 
  • Plug and Play: Everything you need in the box, its lightweight design allows for set-up in minutes- no technician needed. Plug it in and it just works! 
  • Designed for Zoom: DTEN ON 55" combines award-winning hardware with Zoom's best-in-class video conferencing software. Our product teams are closely aligned to customize the best collaboration experience. 


  • DTEN OS 
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • 4K Camera
  • 16-Microphone Array
  • Integrated Speakers
  • LED 55″ 
  • Ultra HD 4K 
  • 16:9 Capacitive Touch Screen Display 
  • Fixed Lens, Infinite Focus 
  • F-value: 2.8 
  • 4K 
  • Diagonal Field of View (FOV): Up to 120 Degrees 

DTEN GO with Mate (PoE)

Transform any TV or display into a complete video collaboration system. 

  • Be Heard Clearly with Audio AI: The 12 microphone array ensures everyone is heard while AI-based noise cancellation technology fosters a lifelike and productive meeting for all participants while suppressing distractions. 
  • Smart Camera Design: The 4 camera array and 160-degree field of view smart camera keep you and everyone else in sight and track movements and gestures in real time. The tilt bracket helps ensure the best set-up for your meeting space. 
  • Wireless Connectivity: The DTEN GO connects wirelessly to the DTEN Mate PoE for convenient control at the tabletop. 
  • Designed for Zoom Rooms: The DTEN GO with Mate was designed exclusively for Zoom and can be set up in minutes. Just plug it in and it just works! 


  • DTEN Mate PoE: DTEN Mate OS 
  • DTEN GO: Utilizes connected display (HDMI). For best results, combine with displays under 65″ 
  • DTEN Mate PoE: LED 10.1″ Capacitive Multi-touch Display 
  • DTEN GO: Can be mounted above or below TV or display
  • DTEN Mate PoE: Mounted on tabletop or wall
  • DTEN GO: 4 Camera array: up to 16.4ft (5m) coverage; Horizontal field of view (HFOV): 160° combined
  • DTEN Mate PoE: N/A


Multi-functional Touchscreen Room Controller & Scheduler 

DTEN Mate is designed to offer an intuitive solution for control, scheduling and management of Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms meetings. 

The DTEN Mate is a highly secure, reliable and intuitive solution for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. 

With a single tap of the screen, users can launch meetings, admit participants, browse meeting schedules, adjust camera and microphone settings, and so much more. 

With the included DTEN Mate Dock, the DTEN Mate can be easily mounted to walls, door frames or table top. 

Choose the DTEN Mate that's best for your hybrid office: as a secure wired PoE solution or versatile wireless controller 

DTEN Orbit

The Ultimate Customer Experience Platform 

Designed to enhance the DTEN user experience, Orbit is designed for growth, incorporating new services based on customer feedback. 

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