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ByteBridge Becomes DTEN’s APAC Direct Reseller: Enhancing Collaboration Solutions in the Region

ByteBridge has recently partnered with DTEN as the APAC Direct Reseller, in an effort to improve collaboration solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This strategic alliance is a substantial move towards providing businesses with advanced technology to enhance communication and collaboration. 

DTEN’s global recognition for its innovative Zoom-certified video conferencing solutions makes it a leader in the field. Recently, DTEN has expanded its offerings with All-in-One Solutions for Teams, including products such as D7X Android Edition and DTEN Mate, providing powerful, easy-to-use solutions that enhance productivity and boost engagement. This expansion ensures that businesses have access to comprehensive tools that seamlessly integrate with their existing workflows.  

By leveraging DTEN’s technology suite, ByteBridge seeks to address the evolving needs of businesses seeking efficient collaboration solutions. From large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses, organizations stand to benefit from the comprehensive range of products and services offered by this collaboration.  

ByteBridge’s extensive network and domain expertise make it an ideal conduit for delivering DTEN’s award-winning solutions to businesses across the APAC region. With a deep understanding of regional market dynamics and customer preferences, ByteBridge can provide tailored guidance and support to clients looking to optimize their collaboration infrastructure.  

APAC region stands as a key center for technological innovation and economic development. By harnessing the strengths of ByteBridge and DTEN, businesses throughout APAC can leverage advanced collaboration solutions to drive growth and competitiveness.  

With ByteBridge assuming the role of DTEN’s APAC Direct Reseller, organizations across the region can anticipate improved communication, enhanced productivity, and enriched collaboration experiences.  

In summary, the partnership between ByteBridge and DTEN represents a significant advancement in the way businesses approach communication and collaboration. By combining technological innovation with strategic insight, this alliance sets the stage for a future where seamless connectivity and collaboration transcend geographical boundaries. 

About DTEN

DTEN is changing the way people connect and collaborate through immersive, video-first devices and subscription services. Our solutions are found in businesses, schools, homes and hybrid environments worldwide, delivering intuitive, high-quality and real-life video conference experiences for every meeting space. As recipient of multiple international awards, DTEN is recognized for plug-and-play simplicity, superior audiovisual clarity, and fluent, elegant designs. DTEN was founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Jose, California; Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an investor. 

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