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WEKA® Data Platform is an incredibly powerful, software-defined, high-performance, ultra-low-latency shared storage solution based on NVMe flash storage. Unparalleled in performance and flexibility, it comprehensively addresses your most demanding data storage management needs, whether local, in the cloud, or shared between the two. 

In today’s era of exponential data growth, traditional IT infrastructure is facing unprecedented challenges. Addressing the “data starvation” problem within applications and taking full advantage of data is becoming increasingly complex. More and more organizations are abandoning complex and opaque traditional data storage infrastructure in favor of building efficient data pipelines on robust data management platforms to meet ever-increasing data demands. 

Data Pipeline Challenges

Getting pipelines up and running is just as important as building them.

The key technical challenges of running data pipelines include efficiently ingesting data, seamlessly integrating it into different systems, and quickly adapting to changes.

Managing data pipelines is complex and requires tuning.

Each step in a data pipeline typically has completely different data I/O profile, adding complexity to data management, creating storage silos, and leading to data stagnation within the pipeline.

Workloads and data are spread across multiple systems.

Data must be ingested from multiple sources using multiple protocols, and modern data pipelines must be able to operate seamlessly locally, in the cloud, and across multiple geographies.

Infrastructure lags behind scientific progress.

Traditional infrastructure changes slowly, while scientific progress is rapid, requiring the infrastructure to adapt quickly to such changes.

WEKA Infrastructure

Mordern Data Management Plaftorm

Unleashing Innovation with a Modern Data Management Platform 

The WEKA® Data Platform is a software-based, end-to-end solution designed to comprehensively support the data management needs of enterprises and institutions with high-performance workloads, whether those data reside locally, in the cloud, or at the edge. 

It provides a unified and shared data management interface for multi-tenancy, multiple workloads, varying performance requirements, and multiple locations. This significantly accelerates the time to insight and innovation for organizations. 


Blazing speed

Exceptional and fast performance

Optimized for NVMe, Weka delivers unmatched zero-tuning file and object storage performance for your most demanding applications, supporting high I/O, low latency, small files, and mixed workloads.


The beauty of cloud-native simplicity

Built exclusively for the cloud, Weka is protocol-agnostic, supporting data access via POSIX, NFS, SMB, S3, and more. Free from the complexities and compromises of traditional data infrastructure, it unifies data silos and works seamlessly across on-premises, cloud, and platforms.


Infinite scale, expand with confidence

With Weka, whether on-premises or in the cloud, you can seamlessly scale computing and storage, effortlessly handling files of different data types and sizes ranging from millions to billions.


Effortless sustainability

Achieve sustainable development with ease by minimizing idle time in data pipelines, extending hardware life, migrating workloads to the cloud, reducing energy consumption, and lowering carbon emissions.

KEY Features

Built for high-performance workloads in the AI era

Delivering uncompromising speed, simplicity, scale, and sustainability 

Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Life Sciences including Genomics and Cryo-EM

Financial Trading, including Backtesting, Time-series Analysis, and Risk Management

Engineering DevOps

Electronic Design & Automation

Media Rendering and Visual Effects (VFX)

High Performance Computing (HPC)

High performance data analytics such as Cassandra, SAS and Splunk

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